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Sparkle App CMS for Mac with Dropkick CMS

Safari 2019-06-19 at 14.53.23

How to turn your made with Sparkle for Mac projects into editable sites with Dropkick CMS

Let's assume you've got Sparkle for Mac and you're making websites. You're happy and they are working well with drag and drop. But you want to make them editable online, what do you do? You need a CMS. You need a CMS for Sparkle app.

Why would you need a CMS for Sparkle?

  • You're making sites for other people and don't have Sparkle or access to a make and want to make edits
  • This could be work for friends or client works (you may be a freelance designer)
  • You want to edit your site content from a mobile device
  • You might want to edit just the content without having to redesign the whole site or open Sparkle

How do you make Sparkle editable online?

It's actually quite easy and only took a few minutes to make this simple demo.

  1. Install Dropkick CMS to your Sparkle site domain
  2. Add content to Dropkick
  3. Copy the content ID into your Sparkle project in HTML Embed widget
  4. Republish your site
  5. Edit your content!

You can add as many editable zones to your pages as you wish. So make the sidebar editable, or the header, or the opening hours, or the menu, or the news or anything you want!

Quick online demo of Sparkle CMS

Here is adding the Dropkick Content ID into the Sparkle project:
Sparkle 2019-06-19 at 15.02.50

Here is the content in the Dropkick backend:
Safari 2019-06-19 at 14.42.53

Here is the content as it appears exactly the same in the Sparkle app created live site:
Safari 2019-06-19 at 14.42.22

Try the Demo yourself!

Here's the front end made in Sparkle >
Here's the Dropkick backend demo >

(Edit the second element to see it change on the Sparkle page - then refresh the Sparkle made page!)
Demo made with the awesome Shepherd template from the SparkleCafe

Get it for yourself and start making editable CMS sites in Sparkle for Mac!