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RapidWeaver 8 CMS


How do you make your RapidWeaver 8 pages editable for clients?

(Well this also works for RapidWeaver 7 but we always recommend the latest version!)

If you've made a website for a client in RapidWeaver and want them to be able to edit a few parts how do you go about it?

Let's say you want them to do things like:

  • Update the menu on a restaurant site
  • Update the sidebar of latest flash new points
  • Change the contact information as it changes often
  • Update the team section as staff come and go regularly as lots of temporary workers

Sometimes you want to be able to allow spot updates. Parts and pieces of a RapidWeaver site that clients can update from the browser on their computers or phones, without having access to RapidWeaver (they might be on a PC) nor without breaking the whole site!

And other times you may want them to be able to edit all the content but without being able to change the colours, design and overall layout as you the designer have been commissioned and entrusted to set that up.

Well, our CMS for RapidWeaver: Dropkick CMS can do that for you.

Dropkick comes with RapidWeaver Stacks for a tight integration. Content lives on the server so always in-sync with your RapidWeaver project. Works with RapidWeaver 6+, Stacks 3+ and any Foundry, Foundation or your favourite themes. Make parts of a Stacks page editable or whole pages.

The integration with RapidWeaver is tight and easy to setup.

Add content to RapidWeaver with Dropkick CMS, not just with a Stack

See on YouTube how one RapidWeaver user loves the integration with Dropkick.

Give Dropkick a try and set your clients free today!