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How to turn a bootstrap HTML template into a CMS site


How to you turn a bootstrap HTML template into a CMS site that can be edited online?

Let's run through a few quick scenarios...

  • You have an existing site hand coded in HTML or PHP and want to turn that into an editable site online via the web browser either to make it easier for you to edit or for a client
  • You have a Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, Bulma or other framework template and you want to make that editable
  • You have bought an HTML site from a site like Themeforest, StartBootstrap, Wrapbootstrap or some other marketplace and you want to make it easily editable without having to play around with the HMTL code (either you can't or just want to type with a text WYSIYWG editor and don't want to waste time with HTML markup)
  • You have been tasked with converting your work's website into an editable site for the company and it already exists and the budget doesn't cover a re-build or converting it into a full CMS like WordPress.

Well, there's a solution for these scenarios to help you avoid having to rebuild into WordPress, to build a Bootstrap CMS of sorts or just make it easier to edit HTML or PHP websites without needing to code.

Here's a quick video showing how it's possible with a free Bootstrap template from StartBootstrap:

With Dropkick you can turn a Bootstrap HTML template into a CMS. No need to worry about syncing and the whole thing is completely white-label so you can roll it out to clients as your own CMS for them.

This is how easy it is for your clients to edit with the WYSIWYG editor:

Give it a try for your project!