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How to add contact forms to RapidWeaver


How to add powerful and feature rich contact forms to RapidWeaver

The standard RapidWeaver Form Plugin is great for quick contact forms with a few options. But what if you want more options, power and features? How would you make a form like this?:


This form has:

  • a date calendar
  • styled to float across the page
  • has pagination so can go through the steps of a contact form flow
  • will send the results to multiple email addresses
  • can show results / stats breakdown of the submissions
  • could be password protected
  • could have multiple file uploads
  • is easily created with drag and drop and dropped into a RapidWeaver page using the Stack
  • and many more things...

You can see a live demo here >

To make this you need Just Forms. This is a separate app that allows you to build the forms and you use the free Stack to embed the forms (with or without styling) to your RapidWeaver pages. Publish your RapidWeaver site and off you go!

Give it a try today and make awesome forms in your RapidWeaver projects.