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How to add contact forms to Blocs app

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How to add powerful web forms to Blocs app in minutes

The above is a real example of a complex form in a Blocs app for Mac project. You can see the real site demo here >

The basic form included in Blocs app is of course great for simple contact form situations. But if you want to build out more complex and intuitive forms like surveys, registrations, order forms and so on... it's not powerful enough. For that, Just Forms for Mac can be used and the forms you create can be easily embedded into your Blocs project with copy and paste.

Why would you want more power to your forms? Well, then you can do things like this:

  • Multi-lingual forms
  • Submission manager and dashboard login to view it all
  • Reports builder and form analytics
  • Condition login / rule builder (e.g. skip multipage form steps if x or y)
  • Detailed email notifications
  • Real-time form builder
  • Can great multi-step forms and ask for more kinds of data (dates, tel numbers, etc)
  • ReCaptcha included to stop spamming
  • And loads more...

Try Just Forms for Mac and power up your Blocs form creations today!