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How to build contact forms in Sparkle app

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How to create more complex Web Forms in Sparkle App for Mac

Sparkle app comes with form elements built-in that allow you to publish contact forms to your Sparkle made website. But what if you wanted more complex forms.. how would you make those?

Perhaps you want:

  • Registration forms
  • Surveys / Questionnaires
  • Longer contact forms with more fields and split over pages
  • More specific form field elements like dates, multi file upload, reCaptcha and so on
  • To build reports and have submission stats
  • Password protected forms
  • To be able to export to CSV
  • To get more submission notifications
  • And lots more...

How can I build more complex forms in Sparkle?

We have a solution that works for you.

  1. Build a form in out Just Forms app for Mac with drag and drop
  2. Publish your form
  3. Embed the Form code into your Sparkle project using the HTML element (just copy and paste)
  4. Publish your Sparkle site and the form will appear and start collecting submissions!

Here's a quick real demo of a form in a Sparkle made site:

Sparkle 2019-06-19 at 16.13.27

The outcome of a real live site is here:

Test the form yourself >
This demo was made with the Pho Evening template from SparkleCafe

Get our app today and start making simple and complex forms in no-time in your Sparkle sites!