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WordPress is overkill

Wordpress is overpowered

Because WordPress is overkill.
A simple CMS that is easy to use and not a hassle to update or maintain, and works with any HTML or Bootstrap template.

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Designers will lead the revolution

The Designer's Manifesto

I am a designer. I design in the digital age. I have an eye for design and work closely with clients to design websites that fit their business goals. I'm adroit with Photoshop or Sketch app but find it difficult turning my designs into code. I'm not a developer but I'm trying my best to learn some code when I can.

designers will lead the revolution

"I recognise that design is the key to the web's future. I have a great admiration for "back-end programmers" but I believe that illustrators/designers will be the ones who change the visual web in the upcoming years."

My secret weapon is knowing that it doesn't make much sense to try to learn to do something by hand a computer can do much better than me. I don't want to be a poorer version of a machine. "Compile", "generate" or build code from a design should be automated.

Usually I start with a blank canvas when I design but sometimes I start from web templates and want to be able to quickly edit these using the skills and tools I already have. And other times I want to easily add pre-built "widgets" or components to an existing site but I don't have the ability to programme it by hand. I am the underdog but work hard everyday and know that I don't have to be the developer-designer unicorn to win.

When I work with clients I want to create something they can see quickly and in real-life that they can touch. Sending mock-up images isn't interactive enough. And if they come to me with a current coded design I can't add to it even if I want to. They also usually have their own hosting from previous projects so don't need another hosting solution and rightly want to keep the site to themselves.

Updating quickly is also important to me. Things change fast for businesses and I want to be able to update for them on the fly. But working with developers has been slow for me in the past. Going from design to code then back to design then code. We lose master copies and work from different versions. I want this all in one place where I can change the design with the tools I know, and if we add a developer, they can add to the project with the coding skills they have. 1 project but 2 methods to edit. But in reality, I want to create these projects from start to finish all by myself.

And most of all, I'm a designer and I want to be empowered to make better designed websites.

Use a web design tool built for today's designer. Not yesterday's

There are lots of challenges facing today's web designers. Not all of those challenges are being met with software made for yesterday's web designer. No longer should you have to design then code. Do it simultaneously.

tool for designers

"How do I go from Photoshop / Sketch / design app > Coded site?" is a common problem. We need to be able to start with a blank canvas in the tool and import assets from PSD / sketch and align everything and the tool creates the code instantly in the background. Let the computer do the work. No need for us to worry about that end of things. Start in PSD / Sketch or go straight into the tool.

"How do I start from a template?" Pick a theme and start from there. Change the colours, add your own PSD assets in the content, move things around and make it unique. Again, coding automatically in the background. Why code by hand when you can have a machine do it?

"How do I add bits of code easily? (e.g. GMaps, Stripe Checkout etc)." Self-contained packages of code. Drop in and go. No need to code. Just change some api or settings depending on what it is, using a nice interface editor. Drag in from an elements menu.

Working with clients

“I want to use this template from themeforest”. You might have your own template already, bought from somewhere. Or a client might come to you and say “can you edit this for me?”. You want to be able to say “yes” and import any HTML file into your tool and then be able to edit with drag and drop, then export final project code. Copy the HTML, CSS, JS from a theme and paste it in and create a new template to reuse anytime. Save that template as “client ACME template” and boom. Edit it without needing to code.

"No need to work with a developer. You can be the developer. Dropkick Builder gives you the same power a developer has to make stunning websites."

"How can I get easy & quick feedback from clients?" This tool will be in the browser so just share the private URL with the client and as they make feedback through email, make changes. Even over Skype or the phone make real-time changes and quickly move the project forward.

“I have my own hosting. I don’t need Squarespace or Wix hosting”. OK client, that private URL you just saw, I’ve just exported it as a ZIP file and here it is so please upload it. Or, I’ve just FTP’d it to your server for you. Presto.

Making quick updates. After feedback, open the project, make the change. Save it. Publish from the tool. It then FTPs up to the server. Change committed.

"When working with developers, how can we collaborate on the same thing?" If building a parallel site, how can we commit changes back into Sketch / PSD? This is the master. Give the developer access and they can see the code in a side panel and make some code changes. They save it and it is committed to the master. As you change the code (you can get access too) it changes the drag and drop canvas at the same time. The preview is updated and if you decide to change the design, just move elements around as before without coding and it all auto creates code in the background, with any developer’s changes in tact.

"Do I need to work with a developer?" No, no need to send PSDs to the developer and wait. You can be the developer. If a developer makes changes just copy & paste them in and make this the master copy.