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How to add contact forms to Blocs app

CleanShot 2019-06-24 at 08.32.03

How to add powerful web forms to Blocs app in minutes

The above is a real example of a complex form in a Blocs app for Mac project. You can see the real site demo here >

The basic form included in Blocs app is of course great for simple contact form situations. But if you want to build out more complex and intuitive forms like surveys, registrations, order forms and so on... it's not powerful enough. For that, Just Forms for Mac can be used and the forms you create can be easily embedded into your Blocs project with copy and paste.

Why would you want more power to your forms? Well, then you can do things like this:

  • Multi-lingual forms
  • Submission manager and dashboard login to view it all
  • Reports builder and form analytics
  • Condition login / rule builder (e.g. skip multipage form steps if x or y)
  • Detailed email notifications
  • Real-time form builder
  • Can great multi-step forms and ask for more kinds of data (dates, tel numbers, etc)
  • ReCaptcha included to stop spamming
  • And loads more...

Try Just Forms for Mac and power up your Blocs form creations today!

How to add contact forms to RapidWeaver


How to add powerful and feature rich contact forms to RapidWeaver

The standard RapidWeaver Form Plugin is great for quick contact forms with a few options. But what if you want more options, power and features? How would you make a form like this?:


This form has:

  • a date calendar
  • styled to float across the page
  • has pagination so can go through the steps of a contact form flow
  • will send the results to multiple email addresses
  • can show results / stats breakdown of the submissions
  • could be password protected
  • could have multiple file uploads
  • is easily created with drag and drop and dropped into a RapidWeaver page using the Stack
  • and many more things...

You can see a live demo here >

To make this you need Just Forms. This is a separate app that allows you to build the forms and you use the free Stack to embed the forms (with or without styling) to your RapidWeaver pages. Publish your RapidWeaver site and off you go!

Give it a try today and make awesome forms in your RapidWeaver projects.

RapidWeaver 8 CMS


How do you make your RapidWeaver 8 pages editable for clients?

(Well this also works for RapidWeaver 7 but we always recommend the latest version!)

If you've made a website for a client in RapidWeaver and want them to be able to edit a few parts how do you go about it?

Let's say you want them to do things like:

  • Update the menu on a restaurant site
  • Update the sidebar of latest flash new points
  • Change the contact information as it changes often
  • Update the team section as staff come and go regularly as lots of temporary workers

Sometimes you want to be able to allow spot updates. Parts and pieces of a RapidWeaver site that clients can update from the browser on their computers or phones, without having access to RapidWeaver (they might be on a PC) nor without breaking the whole site!

And other times you may want them to be able to edit all the content but without being able to change the colours, design and overall layout as you the designer have been commissioned and entrusted to set that up.

Well, our CMS for RapidWeaver: Dropkick CMS can do that for you.

Dropkick comes with RapidWeaver Stacks for a tight integration. Content lives on the server so always in-sync with your RapidWeaver project. Works with RapidWeaver 6+, Stacks 3+ and any Foundry, Foundation or your favourite themes. Make parts of a Stacks page editable or whole pages.

The integration with RapidWeaver is tight and easy to setup.

Add content to RapidWeaver with Dropkick CMS, not just with a Stack

See on YouTube how one RapidWeaver user loves the integration with Dropkick.

Give Dropkick a try and set your clients free today!

How to turn a bootstrap HTML template into a CMS site


How to you turn a bootstrap HTML template into a CMS site that can be edited online?

Let's run through a few quick scenarios...

  • You have an existing site hand coded in HTML or PHP and want to turn that into an editable site online via the web browser either to make it easier for you to edit or for a client
  • You have a Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, Bulma or other framework template and you want to make that editable
  • You have bought an HTML site from a site like Themeforest, StartBootstrap, Wrapbootstrap or some other marketplace and you want to make it easily editable without having to play around with the HMTL code (either you can't or just want to type with a text WYSIYWG editor and don't want to waste time with HTML markup)
  • You have been tasked with converting your work's website into an editable site for the company and it already exists and the budget doesn't cover a re-build or converting it into a full CMS like WordPress.

Well, there's a solution for these scenarios to help you avoid having to rebuild into WordPress, to build a Bootstrap CMS of sorts or just make it easier to edit HTML or PHP websites without needing to code.

Here's a quick video showing how it's possible with a free Bootstrap template from StartBootstrap:

With Dropkick you can turn a Bootstrap HTML template into a CMS. No need to worry about syncing and the whole thing is completely white-label so you can roll it out to clients as your own CMS for them.

This is how easy it is for your clients to edit with the WYSIWYG editor:

Give it a try for your project!

How to build contact forms in Sparkle app

Safari 2019-06-19 at 16.14.20

How to create more complex Web Forms in Sparkle App for Mac

Sparkle app comes with form elements built-in that allow you to publish contact forms to your Sparkle made website. But what if you wanted more complex forms.. how would you make those?

Perhaps you want:

  • Registration forms
  • Surveys / Questionnaires
  • Longer contact forms with more fields and split over pages
  • More specific form field elements like dates, multi file upload, reCaptcha and so on
  • To build reports and have submission stats
  • Password protected forms
  • To be able to export to CSV
  • To get more submission notifications
  • And lots more...

How can I build more complex forms in Sparkle?

We have a solution that works for you.

  1. Build a form in out Just Forms app for Mac with drag and drop
  2. Publish your form
  3. Embed the Form code into your Sparkle project using the HTML element (just copy and paste)
  4. Publish your Sparkle site and the form will appear and start collecting submissions!

Here's a quick real demo of a form in a Sparkle made site:

Sparkle 2019-06-19 at 16.13.27

The outcome of a real live site is here:

Test the form yourself >
This demo was made with the Pho Evening template from SparkleCafe

Get our app today and start making simple and complex forms in no-time in your Sparkle sites!

Sparkle App CMS for Mac with Dropkick CMS

Safari 2019-06-19 at 14.53.23

How to turn your made with Sparkle for Mac projects into editable sites with Dropkick CMS

Let's assume you've got Sparkle for Mac and you're making websites. You're happy and they are working well with drag and drop. But you want to make them editable online, what do you do? You need a CMS. You need a CMS for Sparkle app.

Why would you need a CMS for Sparkle?

  • You're making sites for other people and don't have Sparkle or access to a make and want to make edits
  • This could be work for friends or client works (you may be a freelance designer)
  • You want to edit your site content from a mobile device
  • You might want to edit just the content without having to redesign the whole site or open Sparkle

How do you make Sparkle editable online?

It's actually quite easy and only took a few minutes to make this simple demo.

  1. Install Dropkick CMS to your Sparkle site domain
  2. Add content to Dropkick
  3. Copy the content ID into your Sparkle project in HTML Embed widget
  4. Republish your site
  5. Edit your content!

You can add as many editable zones to your pages as you wish. So make the sidebar editable, or the header, or the opening hours, or the menu, or the news or anything you want!

Quick online demo of Sparkle CMS

Here is adding the Dropkick Content ID into the Sparkle project:
Sparkle 2019-06-19 at 15.02.50

Here is the content in the Dropkick backend:
Safari 2019-06-19 at 14.42.53

Here is the content as it appears exactly the same in the Sparkle app created live site:
Safari 2019-06-19 at 14.42.22

Try the Demo yourself!

Here's the front end made in Sparkle >
Here's the Dropkick backend demo >

(Edit the second element to see it change on the Sparkle page - then refresh the Sparkle made page!)
Demo made with the awesome Shepherd template from the SparkleCafe

Get it for yourself and start making editable CMS sites in Sparkle for Mac!

How to add a form to your website


How to easily add a contact form to your website

Contact forms a little bit of a pain to create everytime. Hard to code and boring to make. If you are using a web builder like WordPress then you can probably use a plugin, but how can you add a form to WordPress that gives you lots of features and power? The form could be a link or an embed. Embed forms mean that they appear in the site and links and just that, links to a form that exists on another web page. Depending on the flow of your site will determine which one you choose.

But if you don't have the luxury of plugins for a WordPress site (or do and want more options) or you have a static PHP / HTML site and you don't want to code it all up by hand then you need to use Just Forms. It's our thing and can be bought here:

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a form builder app to add contact forms to your existing website:
  • Easy to setup with drag and drop
  • Can create conditional logic to form flow
  • Responses can be stored in a database or emailed to the form owner
  • You can export the results to CSV
  • You can do cool things like add a password protection or build analytic reports of submissions
  • There's no need to pay a subscription or anything else like that
  • You can link to the forms or embed them
  • And many more...

The kind of forms you can make are up to you. From RSVP, Contact Forms, Registration Forms to Orders, Surveys and Bookings. Here's a simple form built in a few minutes:

The form fits seamlessly into this page and can fit the same way in to your page or any other site. Just copy and paste the embed code into your page. No coding required. If you want to fiddle with the colour palette to make it blend even more, then there are options to do that. And you can even add your own CSS if you are that way inclined.

Emedding forms into WordPress or hand coded sites shouldn't be difficult or a pain and shouldn't involve install software and addons. This product allows you to create forms as powerful as you like without having to get your hands dirty.

If you want an easy way to build and embed great forms then look at Just Forms today!

5 Best small CMS apps for Designers in 2019


5 Best small CMS apps for Designers in 2019

You're not alone: we've struggled with updating a simple site too. Most designers have been there too. The client has a simple site and they now want to update it themselves. You don't want to rebuild it in WordPress and so want to make it editable from the current template or pages they already have live. How do you go about doing that and what are the best options out there in 2019?

In the old days, you might have kept updating it on their behalf. And hopefully charged a retainer fee for your troubles. That still works today but it's also great to empower your users and give them the freedom to make the site content changes themselves without having to bother you. That's a win-win. You get your time free and can work on new projects; and they are autonomous and can change things as and when they want without having to wait for you to complete it. This is powerful especially for small sites and mini-changes.

There are a lot of options out there and some are more complex (and expensive) than others. Let's look at the top ones for designers in 2019 and give you a head start with your project.

Dropkick CMS

Full disclosure: it's us! But our customers have told us the beauty of Dropkick CMS is the simplicity. We all like to get projects finished quickly right? Setup for making your web pages editable in your PHP or HTML site is easy. You just need to add the content to your Dropkick CMS install then place a content ID in your page where you want that to live and be editable. That's it. Off you go and edit that part of the site!

Not only can Dropkick make it easy and quick to setup editable static sites, but you can also manage media, add multi-users and edit your sites from your mobile devices.

Price: Another great thing is the price. No subscription or per domain pricing here, just a one-time forever pricing to get all-can-eat. Install on as many domains as you want for $79. Not bad at all and you just need to factor this into 1 client invoice and the next client project will be pure profit!

Pulse CMS

Pulse CMS is another very impressive and easy to work with CMS system. It's flexible and offers a lot of power. This includes a lot of features such as a blog engine, multi-users, templating engine, short codes, addons, SEO features, ecommence store, 2FA logins and real lot more. It could be seen as a more powerful static CMS but still not as heavy or troublesome as WordPress.

It has integrations with lots of design tools so your workflow shouldn't be affected and also another great thing is the community around ti is really growing. There is a forum with users and developers mingling and making great things together and the product seems to have a bright future.

Price: Another great all-you-can-eat pricing! This time is more expensive at $297 but there is also a 1-site license for $97 if you just want to try before upgrading to the unlimited pack.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is a powerful CMS tool with a lot of extensions and addons available to make really powerful and complex sites. Whilst this can mean a bit of a headache at first to get going and adjust to a new workflow there are ample of support docs and communities dedicated to making Craft sites. The app itself is really feature rich and you can make practically any kind of site you're need to.

A popular feature in recent times has been the commerce extension. This allows you to create a store extension and whilst you may not want to build a Shopify site for a user, this allows you to keep the site and store together under one system.

Price: A little more expensive than the first two but if you are billing your clients correctly for the hard work and value you are providing them then this should be covered in a project budget. $299 per project for the CMS and $199 per project add-on for the ECommerce module.

Statamic CMS

Statamic CMS is built on the popular PHP framework Laravel. And whilst the other systems mentioned are more aimed at designers, this CMS is definitely aimed at developers. Statamic is designed to rapidly scaffold sites, eliminate repetitive tasks, and structure your data on the fly. It comes with a host of addons and the community is growing.

It also works with GitHub and version control so will suite the developer workflow. And if you can code your own sites by hand then you can bring your own markup.

Price: There isn't an unlimited license pack and each sites costs $199 per domain.

Surreal CMS

Surreal CMS is a little different to the above options as it's a hosted solution. The others live on your server (or your client's server) so this option may not suite all client needs and projects. That said, it does make it easier to setup as there's nothing to install. Just create an online account with their site and then start creating your editable areas.

It has includes and repeatables which will save a lot of time and you can also make pre-defined blocks of HTML. That said, hosting on another's server might not be possible in all projects as we mentioned and also might leave a little readability issue such as if the server goes down then your site would appear but content would be empty!

Price: $9 per site (this one is a monthly subscription) but is for unlimited sites. $19 per month includes a white-label option.

Want to get started with an easy to setup and user-friendly CMS right away? Let's make 2019 your year to get projects shipped and empower users to edit their simple sites without needing to ask you. Get Dropkick today!