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Best Webform Builders 2019


Top Form Builders 2019

Are you looking to:
  • Create a survey?
  • Collect email addresses?
  • Have people signup for an event?

Most likely you then need to create a web form for your website. These are notoriously tricky to do so it's best to use one of the many available form builder tools out there. We've collect a few of the best ones in 2019 for you to consider.

Just Forms

Full disclosure: it's us! But our customers have told us they love the simplicity of using it, the fact that it is an app on their computer and that they can integrate it it into any kind of PHP or HTML website with copy and paste. You can create private forms, complex or simple forms with specific filed types, send the results to multiple email addresses, collect stats on the entries, export data to a CSV and many many more things.

Price: Another great thing people love about Just Forms is the price. No subscription or per domain pricing here, just a one-time forever pricing to get all-you-can-eat. This is rare as most of the solutions out there charge monthly or yearly to be used. Build as many forms as you wish for yourself or client websites and get collecting user data today!


JotForm is another easy-to-use and fully featured form builder. It comes with 100s of ready made conditional form templates and there are a lot of 3rd party integrations available. It comes with mobile apps too to create forms, although usually forms by all builders can be seen on a mobile phone on your website, you can also build these forms from your phone.

Price: There is a free plan to start you off but it's most likely you'll start with the $19 per month plan to remove the branding and make the form embed on your site look professional.


Form2Pay is great for form building beginners. It has a step-by-step guide approach and focuses on simplicity (which can be a drawback for those wanting to create more complex forms). That said, there are some power features like SMS notifications and integrations with Google Analytics.

Price: There is a free plan like JotForm to try it out with the basic business plan starting at $9.95 per month.


Wufoo has been around a while and has been through lots of iterations and developments. Very beginner friendly in its design and approach, with a variety of excellent 3rd party integrations. It's really fun to use and comes with lots of DIY video tutorials in case you get stuck.

Price: Starter plan is from $19 per month for 10 forms


RackForms is recommended for those developers looking for a professional tool they can grow into and further customise. It has high-end form building for more complex form outputs. It comes with some nice reporting functionality and can be used for one-time projects due to the one-time pricing so no commitment (like Just Forms).

Price: There is a one-time pricing option of $110 but this is for 1 domain so may get expensive for multi-installs.

How to backup any website (HTML, PHP or web builder)

frank1How to effectively backup any website you have

Everyone makes mistakes. We are only human afterall. Even the most conscientious and meticulous people make mistakes. Let me give you a few possible scenarios that would be saved by a website backup:

🔔 Within the hosting or cPanel the webmaster "deletes" the site listing
🔔 An expired credit card doesn't renew the web hosting taking the site down
🔔 The developer adds a plugin or script without testing it and it kills the site making it inaccessible
🔔 A client "updates" WordPress or breaks something in the CMS you are using
🔔 A new user unknowingly deletes a folder that’s in use, thinking they’re freeing up server space.

If the unlikely does become reality, having off-site backups is the only way to guarantee your data is secure.

Those are some realistic possibilities that could happen to anyone. Let's look at some more serious scenarios that are even more likely to happen the you will need protecting against.

It doesn't matter if your site has been hand coded (HTML static site or PHP), made in WordPress or any other webuilder platform, you need to make sure you backup your site against the things above. Server providers do make backups (check with your own!) but always recommended to take backup control into your own hands.

Site Hacked or Malware detected

It's no joke. According to Forbes Magazine, 30,000 sites are hacked everyday. And with 60% of companies with data loss shutting down in 6 months, a hacked or disabled site could mean at best scrambling around to rebuild the site or at worst no more site nor business. With a backup, after gaining control of the server again, a quick re-upload of the site is all that would be needed.

Server crashes

Hosts (good hosts) do often run backups on your account either as a courtesy or for an extra fee. But if you take control into your own hands then running a private backup will allow you to get back up and running as quickly as possible. Look at the small print carefully as some hosts say they do run backups but only to certain extents and you need to qualify what those are. It's not recommended as the main pillar of your site backup strategy.

Human error

We touched on it a little above but human error could be on the site of the end user (client) or the webmaster. It happens. Editing files late at night directly on the server via FTP, playing around with cPanel, just quickly running a CMS update, adding a small plugin, making a little content change... these small tasks carry risks and could result in a broken site. Hence processes, staging, testing and live production servers. But if you are not a big organisation or have given your site to your client then by adding a backup strategy will dramatically reduce any risk and give you huge peace of mind.

It's all about being able to sleep well at night

Mistakes happen, sites get broken. Having a backup strategy that backs up your site as regularly as you need it to and backs up off server like via email or a 3rd party like Dropbox gives you added peace of mind.

Speaking of frequency, you can decide how often to backup your site (weekly, monthly.. daily!) and can set this by visiting a page or getting the server to visit a page and executing this command under the frequency you set. We have instructions on that and takes 1 minute to setup. The frequency is dependent on your site. How often do you update plugins and themes? Are you running a CMS and make frequent content updates such as image and text changes? Do you add a lot of content to a static CMS with downloadable PDF files? Do you add lots of audio and video files often?

Everyone with a website hopes that they’ll never have to deal with losing data, and we really wish you don't have to. Most people never will — but hedging your bets with a solid backup plan is a small investment with a big payout for your time, money, and security. And that of your client or business.

With Dropkick Backup, we can help you make that a reality.

How to add a membership site to an existing HTML or PHP website

Safari 2019-07-01 at 12.49.46

Add membership functionality to any existing HTML or PHP website

Whether you've made it by hand or from a builder, whether it's a Themeforest Template or a Bootstrap template, Members Dropkick is ready to give you a membership website with login and registration. Maybe the best part is it comes with no long complex installation and doesn't need a database.

You can protect any of your current pages by pasting in a simple snippet to the top of your page (to make secure pages like the image at the top) and create a change of password, register and login page like the shots below:


These parts are auto-created. To delete a user, just delete their vCard off the server. The best thing to do would be to see the online demo.

Check out an online Demo >

Reasons why this is so great and easy to use with your site:

- Add to as many domains as you wish (unlimited)
- Users can register, login, logout and change their password
- Muti users and multi passwords
- Fast, works with SSL pages and secure Encryption of logins
- Add to any existing HTML or PHP made static site such as Bootstrap template or Themeforest HTML template
- No database required - no installation needed - just upload and easy to transfer and move
- Change password feature included - create a "my account" page
- Add logout links to your buttons so users can leave their private Members area.
- Hashed passwords with latest tech (salt and hash) so as secure as can be
- Lock multiple pages and sub pages with sessions built-in
- Delete users by easily deleting their name card off the server
- Optional personalised welcome message to users
- Translate all text strings

Get it now and add membership areas to your existing HTML or PHP static website!