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Dropkick Just Forms 1.1.1

- Right-click and “open” after download so Mac can open the file
- Updated to allow popups and delete files
- Any support questions: https://justdropkick.com/support.html

Dropkick Just Forms 1.1

- Added a fix for Mac copy and paste

WordPress is overkill

Wordpress is overpowered

Because WordPress is overkill.
A simple CMS that is easy to use and not a hassle to update or maintain, and works with any HTML or Bootstrap template.

Add a CMS to any webpage with Dropkick

Built for Designers


Why do a job a computer can do better?

Carry on designing in Photoshop or Sketch app and bring in your exported assets to the canvas. Add them to pre-designed templates or start from scratch. Or edit any HTML file with a free form layout not restricted by templates. You might have a current site you want to tweak or a client wants you to edit their site. Now you can do that without coding anything.

Illustrators & designers like you will be the ones who change the visual web in the upcoming years. Implement your designs from start to finish withouthaving to rely on a developer. Let the machine do the coding for you, as good as any developer would do by hand.

You now have the same power at your fingertips as a developer without having to touch any code.

Go and make something great and build beautiful websites for you and your clients in less time and with less money.

Easily collaborate with clients and developers

When working with clients it's better to create something they can see quickly and in real-life that they can touch. Sending mock-up images isn't interactive enough. Send them private previews they can see and make any changes in real-time whilst on a call.

A website is not just for Christmas and things change quickly. Being able to go from design to code then back to design then code is important. Maybe you lost master copies in the process and worked from different versions? You worked from the PSD file and the developer from the code. How did you communicate the changes needed? It's better to be able to update on the fly and visually.
Have everything in one place. One master copy. You can change the design with the tools you know, and if you add a developer, they can add to the project with the coding skills they have. One project, and two methods to edit it, but with one real-time preview updating all the time so you can always see how things are progressing.

If a developer wants to give you a coded template to work from, they can upload it and save it to your Dropkick Builder account and you can just add the client's content using standard layout tools and drag and drop. Quickly switch templates any time and see how much less duplicate work you'll have to do working this way in Dropkick Builder.

Fine tune designs with real-time code editing

So maybe you are a unicorn after all. Or just one in the making. Dropkick Builder offers total control to those who need it and drastically reduces development time.

We don't hide anything from you. Dropkick Builder isn't a restricted drag and drop builder. If you want to go under the hood and edit code, just flick a switch and it's all there. For the super-designer.

HTML, CSS and Javascript editors are fully integrated with the drag and drop canvas. Click on an element to edit and it's highlighted in the markup. Change the markup in the editor and the changes will instantly be reflected in the Dropkick Builder canvas in real-time. Or vice versa. Fine tune by coding or drag and drop and learn how code works when you move things around.

Rinse and repeat for future projects

Apart from starting with an included template or theme, or importing any HTML template you have bought from anywhere or outsourced to a developer, you can also create your own in Dropkick Builder.

Create your own templates by copying & pasting your current HTML and CSS into the Dropkick Builder canvas then "save as a template". This will let you build further pages quicker or reuse for future projects.
You can also make templates by amending the stock templates in Dropkick Builder and saving differing theme versions of them. Open the advanced theme creator in Dropkick Builder, change the colours, padding, margin, font size and so on of elements in the template and save your own to make completely unique sites with no coding knowledge required.

Create designs and templates to save you time down the road.

Designers will lead the revolution

The Designer's Manifesto

I am a designer. I design in the digital age. I have an eye for design and work closely with clients to design websites that fit their business goals. I'm adroit with Photoshop or Sketch app but find it difficult turning my designs into code. I'm not a developer but I'm trying my best to learn some code when I can.

designers will lead the revolution

"I recognise that design is the key to the web's future. I have a great admiration for "back-end programmers" but I believe that illustrators/designers will be the ones who change the visual web in the upcoming years."

My secret weapon is knowing that it doesn't make much sense to try to learn to do something by hand a computer can do much better than me. I don't want to be a poorer version of a machine. "Compile", "generate" or build code from a design should be automated.

Usually I start with a blank canvas when I design but sometimes I start from web templates and want to be able to quickly edit these using the skills and tools I already have. And other times I want to easily add pre-built "widgets" or components to an existing site but I don't have the ability to programme it by hand. I am the underdog but work hard everyday and know that I don't have to be the developer-designer unicorn to win.

When I work with clients I want to create something they can see quickly and in real-life that they can touch. Sending mock-up images isn't interactive enough. And if they come to me with a current coded design I can't add to it even if I want to. They also usually have their own hosting from previous projects so don't need another hosting solution and rightly want to keep the site to themselves.

Updating quickly is also important to me. Things change fast for businesses and I want to be able to update for them on the fly. But working with developers has been slow for me in the past. Going from design to code then back to design then code. We lose master copies and work from different versions. I want this all in one place where I can change the design with the tools I know, and if we add a developer, they can add to the project with the coding skills they have. 1 project but 2 methods to edit. But in reality, I want to create these projects from start to finish all by myself.

And most of all, I'm a designer and I want to be empowered to make better designed websites.