Dropkick your website into submission. Power tools and addons for your HTML or PHP website.

✅ No subscriptions
✅ Use on unlimited domains
✅ Install on any website in minutes
✅ Add Forms and a CMS

Some FAQs

Do I need to pay a subscription?

No! The apps are one time purchases. But they may sometimes include in-app purchases to unlock more premium features. If included those are noted in the product descriptions.

Any free trials?

No sorry..but our apps do cost less than the competition (with better quality no doubt!) so that's saying something and we hope it convinces you to give us a try. We have some freebies on the way though.

Does this work on Windows?

Yes - they are apps for Windows PC and Mac OS.

Can I use on Multiple machines?

The licenses are for 1 person + 2 machines. If you have more machines (or more people in your team) you'll beed to add more license quantity to your checkout. For Business plans, those will be included as an in-app purchase.

Will there be updates?

Yes we will update the apps as often as needed and the updates will be auto-synced to your copy and we sometimes send out email notifications for significant (and cool) updates. Check the updates page for more info as we go.

Can I download immediately?

The product is available to download straight after purchase and a copy emailed to you along with your receipt. Please backup your copy in case of HD failure.