Welcome to the Dropkick CMS documentation. This is a work in progress and will be continuously updated here. If you have any questions not covered here, please get in touch. Let's dropkick!

What is Dropkick?

Dropkick is a simple and light CMS for any HTML or PHP website. Edit any template in a browser and the changes are reflected immediately. Turn a Bootstrap HTML template into a CMS. No need to worry about syncing and the whole thing is completely white-label so you can roll it out to clients as your own CMS for them.


This is probably best explained with a quick video but you'll need:

1. FTP software - Filezilla for example.

2. PHP 5+ and a MySQL database .

3. A few minutes to install.

Watch this video for a run through. It's quick and easy to install.

Some of these videos mention RapidWeaver - but ignore that! In those videos the general principles such as "installing the CMS" are the same for use with any web software or framework. Just swap the name to what you are using to make your site. Enjoy the videos!

If Dropkick CMS is not working check the htaccess file is uploaded

Updating from v1

To update Dropkick CMS just drag all files and folders to your server and overwrite all (except for config.php and the "install" folder) and you will have the latest version of Dropkick CMS installed and ready to go.

How to use

It's quite self-explanatory and easy to use for you the Admin and your clients (the Editors). But just in case, here's a quick few video run-throughs:

Turn a bootstrap HTML template into a CMS

Make it easy for clients to edit their site

How to add content to Dropkick CMS

Users and permissions in Dropkick

Advanced features

A few extra things to help you along.


To get the user profile photo to appear in the top right corner, make sure the logged in user uses the same email address as their account. If they don't have one sign up for one over at and add some faces to their CMS!

Email reset

To enable password reset on the login screen (when people forget their password - it happens!) make sure you create a "" email address. This should be the same domain as the location of the CMS.


There is no mention at all of Dropkick in this install, so add your own logo (or the client's) in CMS Settings under the Admin's account, and make them feel at home right away.

RapidWeaver specific videos

More specifics to help you with the RapidWeaver integration (if you are a RapidWeaver user).

Adding content to Dropkick CMS for RapidWeaver

Adding more content to Dropkick CMS for RapidWeaver

Add content to RapidWeaver with Dropkick CMS, not just with a Stack

Dropkick CMS for RapidWeaver by YuzoolThemes

The Solution All Clients Can Finally Ask For

All videos also on YouTube if needed >>