• This is for small web projects
Meet Dropkick

Introducing a CMS for any HTML, Bootstrap or PHP template. You know the drill. You just want a few editable pages or elements on a page for clients to edit. They have a site already (or even if it's a new project) why go to the trouble of using a full-blown CMS with an awkward templating system that is easily hacked?

Why not just use a simple CMS that fits right into your HTML template from any web framework or any software export? Why not keep it simple and just give clients permissions to edit the bits they need? For those little projects when editing a few pages is enough, use Dropkick.

"Finally! A reliable, functional CMS :) The solution all clients can ask for"

Andrew Jones - Graphic Artist

"I just finished setting up and playing with Dropkick. It’s brilliant. Best RW add-on ever!"

Ray Williams - Designer
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  • Design
    Gorgeous Google Material Design

    Beautiful and functional user interface
    that follows design best practices


    Mobile, tablet, desktop... looks good
    on your computer and in your hand

    Easy to use

    Just add a snippet from the dashboard to
    make a part of a site editable

    Full design controls from the editor

    Edit font family, font colour and font size.
    Add images, files, and videos

    Clear layout

    Organise editable content into categories
    Drag and drop to order content areas

    Media manager

    Upload, manage and edit media. Add to
    your site in seconds

    Image editor

    Edit images with crops, graphics, colours.
    No need to dip into Photoshop

    Keep your workflow

    Hand code, export sites from RapidWeaver..
    add Dropkick to any site editor you use

  • Functionality
    Easy to add to any existing site

    Works with any template or framework.
    Bootstrap, Foundation, HTML, PHP..
    No template tags to learn

    Quick installation

    Just SFTP, add database credentials
    and Dropkick does the rest

    Elements of a page or everything

    Make one page editable or parts of a page.
    Make repeatables or solo pieces

    Unlimited content areas

    Add multiple editable content areas on a page.
    No restrictions. You decide the layout

    SEO and clean code

    No extra code or classes added to your
    site’s content keeps it clean and
    search engine friendly

    Blazingly fast

    Instantaneous & content can be flicked
    on/off. Lightweight database powers all

  • For clients
    WYSIWYG editor

    Easily add text, videos, images, files.
    If they can use Microsoft Word..


    No mention of Dropkick whatsoever. Add your
    logo and sell as your own CMS to clients

    User management powers

    Create editors and users with different
    roles. Restrict and switch off as needed

    Work from one master

    Edit site content all from one place.
    Keeps the site in-sync and up to date.

    Secure from attacks

    Host where you like with encrypted
    database storage. Works with SSL servers

    Less hand holding

    Clients can control their site without
    bothering you and without you worrying
    they're going to break it

  • See for yourself
    Try it

    or watch this video:

New in V2

Lots of stuff
crammed into the best
version yet

Gorgeous new Material Design user interface, better on mobile,
3 users, image editor, better text editor with more control,
easier to install & a bunch of fixes and security updates.

From v1 this is a paid upgrade

Dropkick comes with RapidWeaver Stacks for a tight integration. Content lives on the server so always in-sync with your RapidWeaver project. Works with RapidWeaver 6+, Stacks 3+ and any Foundry, Foundation or your favourite themes. Make parts of a Stacks page editable or whole pages.

The integration with RapidWeaver is tight and easy to setup. But RapidWeaver is NOT required to run Dropkick. This is just one integration example. Dropkick is a standalone product.

See on YouTube how one RapidWeaver user loves the integration with Dropkick.


Unlimited Domains
Use on 1 - UNLIMITED sites

Includes all features

Email support, videos
Updates included

Pay once. No Monthly fees.